How the Best Personalised Children's Books Encourage Your Child to Read

What makes a story complete for a child?

One of the most important aspects for anyone when it comes to reading is being able to identify with the main character. My Personalised Storybook offers some of the best personalised children's books - tales that will enable your child to instantly connect with the main character, as the main character is them!

Imagine you are a child again. Now imagine you have an iPad,  video games, YouTube and a constant stream of 'instant gratification' entertainment at your fingertips. There's not much motivation for reading, and it's not unusual for children as young as three years old to have their own tablet. When you were young it probably wasn't uncommon for you to read a book for enjoyment. I remember waking up on a Saturday morning and reading Nancy Drew Mysteries until lunchtime. 

Unfortunately, recent studies show that children are continuing to read less, with only 3 in 10 children choosing to read in their own time, and the figures for children who choose to read magazines and even comics continue to fall. It seems that a love of reading is not being passed on to our children, instead, as parents, we often opt for an easier way to entertain our child than sitting and reading with them. 

A personalised children's book can help foster a love of reading that will hopefully make your child one of those 3 in 10 that read for pleasure, (and maybe even increase those statistics a little). Natalia Kucirkova, a Senior Lecturer in Early Years and Childhood Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University conducted a study which revealed that children spoke a lot more while reading personalised books, as they felt the need to ask more questions, creating more conversation with the parent around the book.  Personalised story books generally increased the child's engagement with the story. That's no surprise really, given that one of the most important aspects in a story is an interesting and strong lead character!

For a lot of younger children, empathy and the ability to put themselves in another's place is still a work in progress, and personalised storybooks will aid this process. They aren't reading about someone else's experience, so they don't need to struggle to put themselves in another person's shoes. They're reading about themselves, and they can enjoy the story and relate it to how they feel. This will help them develop that same ability when they begin to read about stories that centre around other people.

One thing is certain, it's vital that, as parents, we do what we can to encourage our children not only to read, but also to enjoy reading, so that they can experience those endless worlds of magic, wonder and mystery that we got to enjoy as we were growing up.

Here at My Personalised Storybook we specialise in creating engaging and magical content featuring your precious one in the lead role. 

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